About Us

We acquired our first Norfolk terrier from a close friend in 2011. Tuva made such an impression on us that we became hooked on the breed, unfortunately she passed away when she was still quite young and this left a huge hole in our family that we were desperate to fill. Through our friend, we contacted Elisabeth Matell who did not have a litter herself but she introduced us to Diane Jenkins, (Kinsridge). In no time at all we were travelling to England to pick up Kinsridge Double Trouble, Madison.  

We started going to dog shows again and in 2013, Madison won BIR at MyDog, Göteborg, and soon became a  Swedish Champion.

In 2014, Boel Johansson, (Lantlollans) helped us get 2 new additions to our Norfolk family. First we visited Dr Frauke Hinsch (Allright) in Germany and brought home a beautiful girl called Allright Cranberry. Then, from Henry and Kristina Forsberg (Madfällans) we got a lovely Black and Tan puppy, Madfällans Ready To Be. 

Our next adventure overseas to add to our Norfolk family was to travel to Karen Hurrion (Villassa) in 2015.

Valentine´s Cherry Crumble had just had a litter of 8 puppies and one was Villassa Cherry Flare which we took home with us.

It has been a fantastic experience to visit several kennels and just talk Norfolks with breeders who have been involved with the breed for so many years.

We plan to continue showing and breed happy healthy Noffes that will make great family pets and with a little bit of luck, may even go on to be successful in the show ring.

Only time will tell..............

We are located in Onsala, 30 minutes south of Göteborg.

I am originally from Trollhättan and my husband, Mark is from Coventry, England.

In 1995 we got our first dog together which was a Bouvier des Flandres called Candy. We entered several shows with her but eventually our young family took over our time. Our family grew bigger with the addition of a black Miniature Schnauzer called Molly in 1999. When Candy passed away we decided to get another Miniature Schnauzer but this time a Pepper & Salt, Annie. 

As our children grew up we felt it was important that they shared the experiences and responsibilities of owning a dog. Our daughter, Lisa, has now taken the next step with getting her first dog Bailey, a pomeranian which has joined us in the show ring.